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VELA offers Boats, Propulsion Systems, Batteries & Solar Tech, Equipment and much more from a variety of Manufacturers

Advantages of Electrical Propulsion


We provide longterm solutions that you will be able to use for many years


Electrical drives have a high torque and therefore power delivery is almost instant. 


When using electrical motors there are no emissions locally and in combination with renewable energies for charging the batteries the use of the whole system is carbon-neutral.

Low Maintenance

Typically there are no or very limited maintenance requirements. You check the components every now and then and that should be it. 

More affordable in the long run

The initial investment will be balanced with the long term lower operations cost. In the long runs the balance of the cost will be lower compared to conventional systems.

Low on noise

Electrical drives are typically very quiet so that you can enjoy your precious time on the water even more. 

Explore something new!

Electrical propulsion solutions are the only propulsion solutions on many lakes that allow to obtain a permit without long waiting time. Registration of electrical boats is typically possible without limitation and on short notice.


Completed Projects



The electric TEMO 450 drive makes life easy. The simplicity is hard to beat. We will be very happy to show you how you can use the TEMO 450 on your tender.

Look forward with us to new and exciting products that will enhance our portfolio and will provide you with more choices. We have seen a lot of good products at METS in Amsterdam and will include some of them into our program. While the journey always continues at VELA, you can trust our service. We are always there for you when you need us....

Of course that is true also for other drinks. Since 2 years we have a solar module from Offgridtec on board and since then we can run the fridge without interuption. Since our boat is on a mooring and we cannot run the engine at the lake, we are very happy about solar power and we are charging the...

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