The electric TEMO 450 drive makes life easy. The simplicity is hard to beat. We will be very happy to show you how you can use the TEMO 450 on your tender.

Look forward with us to new and exciting products that will enhance our portfolio and will provide you with more choices. We have seen a lot of good products at METS in Amsterdam and will include some of them into our program. While the journey always continues at VELA, you can trust our service. We are always there for you when you need us....

Of course that is true also for other drinks. Since 2 years we have a solar module from Offgridtec on board and since then we can run the fridge without interuption. Since our boat is on a mooring and we cannot run the engine at the lake, we are very happy about solar power and we are charging the...

For your big trip we can no offer you matching down wind sails made by Wingaker. Different sizes are available and you can choose the colors and optionally even logos etc. can be printed on the sail. We happily support you in choosing what makes most sense for you.

Osculati offers equipment on over 1000 pages in their catalogue. We will be happy to have a catalogue shipped to you, or you browse online:

Colors for your life - You belong on a Hobie! - Details on available boats are following

Back again!


Slowly but luckily the first boat exhibitions are taking place again. VELA has been traveling and we are very happy that we can offer new boats in the next coming days! Good news!

When the days get longer again and the temperatures become pleasant, we are opening the VELA Boat Lounge. Currently the spotlight is on the 3D Tender Ultimate RIB Aluminium 320, one of the lightest RIB with aluminum hull. We will be very happy to show you this boat in a relaxed atmosphere and look forward to your inquiry for an appointment. ...